Please note: the state statement “IF WE CAN’T FIX THE PROBLEM, YOU WON’T PAY” simply means you won’t be charged labor for that repair. And you won’t pay only if the appliance is repairable and we attempted to repair it at least three (3) times not including the initial diagnostic and failed and we believe the damage not worth more times and resources, then we may consider waving the labor but trip charge (s) and installed parts are nonrefundable. If the appliance meets the Fairness Standard (F.S.) meaning it’s worthy of more efforts…from there, we will present the following options to you: the first one is to open an extensive research at no additional cost to you until we can figure out the solution to bring your appliance back its normal operations. That research will allow us to see if the product being repaired has been recalled due to a manufacturer defect or if there is any bulletin associate to that very particular issue you’re experiencing. Two, to provide you with a detailed estimate of needed materials to bring your appliance back to normal operations. Please note additional labor maybe required. You may not get a refund and request to pay us our labor charges for services rendered if we can’t we repair your appliance due to the following situations:

1) Declined estimate
2) Parts NLA (No Longer Available)
3) Obsolete
4) Not accessible
5) Appliance not repairable
6) Not worth repairing

And others….