When was the last time your appliance went through a maintenance cleaning?

IT IS A HEALTH HAZARD. Maintenance cleaning is recommended every six months.

Ice Maker

Remove Ice Before Cleaning Remove and Inspect Water Filters (We recommend all Ice-maker to have a water filter installed) Check the Filtration System and Water Line Visually Inspect Entire Machine Clean Ice-maker Remove all removable components for cleaning and sanitize All Components Return Parts and Observe *Materials extra.


This cleaning includes Check the fill cycle and water temperature for wash settings. Ensure correct pump out and spin cycles. Check for excessive noise and vibration during spin cycle. Check for proper spin and agitate speeds. Check door/lid lock for proper alignment and operation. Check tub and hoses for leaks& More!


This cleaning includes Check front and rear drum seals. Check the drum belt, idler pulley and support rollers for wear. Vacuum the inside of the dryer & more!


This cleaning material powerfully removes limescale, rust, grease and other buildup caused by hard water, detergent and food residues. Over time, this buildup affects your dishwasher’s cleaning performance and can lead to the presence of harmful bacteria.†This dishwasher cleaner use keeps your machine amazingly clean, fresh and maintained.

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